‘Perhaps the best profession there is’


Rob Driessen is an art historian and certified registered valuer, specializing in applied art and design from 1860 to present. He has over twenty years of experience in the international art trade, a.o. as head of the 20th century decorative art & design department at Sotheby's Amsterdam. In 2007, Rob established himself as an independent valuer-appraiser, advisor and broker. He maintains a broad network of collectors, museum curators, artists, restorers and art dealers. Furthermore he is actively involved in publications, exhibitions, auctions and other activities within his field. A personal favorite is Gerrit Rietveld, on whose furniture- and other designs Rob has developed special expertise for which he is consulted by clients throughout the Netherlands and abroad.

VAT NL101348848B01
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Rob Driessen (photo: Matthijs Mentink)

The love for art and design is in my blood. Already as a boy I could be spotted on flea markets together with my parents. During my studies in Art History at University of Amsterdam I became fascinated by the international art trade. As an intern and later a specialist at Sotheby's, I experienced that art historical research could very well be combined with (and contribute to) commerce. I managed to develop my passion into a career, and now gladly share my knowledge and enthusiasm with others!

RICS membership (photo: Peter de Ruiter)

May 2015 I received the membership certificate of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors from the hands of Mr. Ed Nypels, Country Manager RICS Benelux, after successfully passing the Assessment of Professional Competence. RICS is the worldwide quality standard for valuers/surveyors of movable and immovable assets. www.rics.org

Tussen Kunst & Kitsch (photo: AVROTROS)

Since 2013, I have been part of the expert team of AVROTROS television program Tussen Kunst & Kitsch. The recordings of the program attract hundreds of hopeful visitors, carrying bags and parcels filled with a variety of objects. It’s hard work for the experts but also an absolute joy because of the stories and discoveries which never cease to amaze. www.avrotros.nl

TMV Federation

In 2005 I became a registered member of TMV, the Dutch professional organization of certified valuers, brokers and auctioneers in movable assets. The federation guards and enhances the quality and professional standards of its members, who need to pass an exam in their field of expertise and have to be registered according to ISO certification in the charter of Hobéon. www.federatie-tmv.nl